Competitive Cyclists aim for more exposure

Sarawak cycling coach Dzulkaflee Hassan revealed to The Borneo Post that he’s pursuing to unearth 30 cyclists with the potential to participate in the state cycling team.

“We need to start now so that we can get the new riders for competitive exposures. The more riders we unearth and discover, the better,” he said.

Dzulkaflee mentioned that he wants to prepare his cylists for the 2014 Sukma in Perlis and the Sukma 2016, hosted in Sarawak. Sukma is so important to him that he also wants his cyclists to make it their goal as well.

“For the talent scouting, first of all we will start in Sematan (SMK Sematan). We will then move on to other divisions such as Miri, Bintulu, Sibu, Sarikei and Sri Aman,” he added.

In another development, the current state cycling team will fly to Bandung, Indonesia for mountain bike practice sessions, and to improve their training. They are scheduled to train there in March next year.

“We specifically choose Bandung as our training location as many cycling champions go there to train. They can do it if they do their best.”

“Bandung is also famous for being a place that produces many good cycling talents,” he said.

Apart from preparation for Sukma, the Sarawak Cycling Association (PBS) will also conduct a coaching course here next month. The aim of the course is to produce more cycling coaches in the country.

In turn, those who attend the course will be certified as coaches approved by the Malaysia
Cycling Association (PBM).