Flying a drone in Indonesia and Bali

Flying a drone in Indonesia and Bali

Which laws apply for flying a drone in Indonesia and Bali? We love flying our drone all over the world, and here we will let you know what to pay attention to before being airborne. Indonesia has a few major rules you need to know. The fines and punishment for flying a drone illegal are massive –  up to 3 years incarceration and RP 1 billion fines. Therefore – it is quite important to know the law about flying.

In general, you should keep your drone under 150 meters, as The Transport Ministry’s Regulation no. 90 of the year 2015 only applies to flights over 150 meters. If you want to fly higher, you need to ask for a permit at least 14 days before the scheduled flight. You need to obtain a license for each flight you are taking.

Where not to operate a drone in Indonesia and Bali

The zones and airspace where drones cannot be operated are:
  • Prohibited areas over land and waters with permanent restrictions which comprehensive apply to all aircraft.
  • Restricted areas over land and waters with nonpermanent restrictions which can only be used for state aviation and civil aviation.
  • Airport flight operations safety zones, land and waters and the airspace around airports which are used for aircraft operations to ensure aviation safety.
  • Controlled airspace given to aviation traffic service in the form of air traffic control services, flight information services, and alerting services.

Flying a drone in Indonesia and Bali should never be near any airports, as it would be a breach of the regulations. To be safe, stay out of airspace close to any flight paths or airports.

Flying camera drones in Indonesia and Bali

If your drone has a camera (which most have) the following apply:
  • Drones with cameras are prohibit from operating within 500 m from the outer boundary of a prohibited or restricted area.
  • If a drone is used for the purpose of photography, filming or making, the operator should have with them a license from the authorized institution and the local government (governor, regent, mayor or local officials)
  • Every person is prohibited from making commercial use of, duplication, publishing, distributing and communication a photograph of a person done for the purpose of commercial advertising or billboards without the written consent of the individual in the picture or his/hers heirs.
  • Commercial use, duplication, publication, distribution, and communication of a photograph which contains the images of 2 or more persons must have the consent of the individuals in the photo or their heirs.

In other words, as long as you do not publish pictures of people for commercial proposes, it will not be punishable.

Summary of Flying a drone in Indonesia and Bali

To sum it all up, you can be flying a drone in Indonesia and Bali under these circumstances:

Do not fly higher than 150 meters without a permit.

 Do not fly over people, crowds or gatherings.

 Only fly during daylight hours and in good weather.

 Do not fly your drone near airports or in any area, aircraft are operating.

 Make sure not to publish any commercial content without the written consent of the persons in the picture.

Be aware that TravellersPlanet can not be held responsible in any way for the information in this article. Flying a drone in respect of the local laws is your responsibility.

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