ChatGPT Hears, Sees & Speaks NOW | Use These Updates to Learn Coding (& other technical things) Fast

ChatGPT just got some major upgrades that make it even more useful for learning coding and other technical skills! In this video, I’ll show you how to take advantage of ChatGPT’s new abilities to hear, see, and speak to accelerate your learning.

With ChatGPT’s new audio capabilities, you can now verbally explain coding problems and get back solutions explained step-by-step. I’ll demonstrate how asking questions out loud can help speed up your understanding.

The new image recognition features allow you to show ChatGPT screenshots and diagrams to get explanations tailored to the visuals. I’ll give examples of how this can quickly clear up confusion when learning something complex and technical.

And the new text-to-speech function means ChatGPT can read explanations and sample code out loud. I’ll share how you can use this to absorb information hands-free while multitasking.

With real audio and visual inputs added on top of ChatGPT’s already impressive text abilities, it’s easier than ever to master coding, data science, math, and more. This video will get you up to speed on maximizing ChatGPT’s latest upgrades to accelerate your technical learning.

The tips in this video will shave hours off mastering even the most complex technical topics.


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I am currently a software developer who once modeled and thought I wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry. While I was modeling in Hong Kong, I eventually felt the desire to further my education. I decided to depart the modeling world and move back to Canada, knowing that could be the end of my modeling opportunities. I attended Ryerson University for GCM (Graphic Communications Management), as I thought I might still work in the fashion industry in another capacity. It was in my last year of university, I was introduced to a very basic coding course. I instantly fell in love. From there I knew I wanted to pursue software development but didn’t have a clue where to start. I didn’t want to go back to university as I just completed a four-year degree. I decided to enroll in a 10-week intensive coding Bootcamp. From there I started working at a small startup learning and growing my technical and soft skills. I then transitioned to a larger company where I am a software developer and technical consultant today.

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