How to Turn Your Sketches Into Code Using a Custom GPT (AI) | ChatGPT

In this video, we will go through a project where we will create a custom GPT on ChatGPT that translates sketches into functional websites.

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🤖 Featured Segments:

Introduction to Custom GPT Models: A concise overview of how GPT models can be adapted for specific tasks.

The Concept: Learn about the motivation for creating an AI that can convert sketches into website code.

Developing the AI Model: Follow the detailed process of training the GPT model to interpret and process image inputs.

Sketch Upload: Watch the process as we upload a hand-drawn sketch for the AI to interpret.

Code Generation: Watch the GPT model as it processes the sketch and begins coding a website.

Testing and Adjustments: Review the generated website’s functionality in a browser and the adjustments made for optimization.

Exploring Future Applications: A discussion on how this technology could impact web development and other fields.

How to Turn Your Sketches Into Code Using a Custom GPT (AI)

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