Tech Layoffs 2024: Is AI to Blame?

In this video, I dive into the complex world of tech layoffs and investigate whether Artificial Intelligence is a major factor. I’ll share insights from my research on recent layoffs in the tech industry. We’ll explore the role of AI and automation, considering how they’re reshaping the job market, alongside other factors like economic shifts and company restructuring.

I will also share with you my honest thoughts and feelings about what has been going on, I hope it helps you realize you arent alone!

0:00 What is the reason for all the tech layoffs?
3:21 How many people were laid off from tech in 2023?
3:53 Is AI the reason for all these big tech layoffs?
4:57 What type of roles have been laid off?
6:03 How can you tell if your company is going to do tech layoffs?
7:31 When will tech layoffs stop?